There are benefits of having employment personality test done during job application both for the job-seeker as well the company, some of these can be summarized into these:


Besides skills, education or work background, compatibility to a job can be decided thru personality. Work input is greater when an employee enjoys what he does like writer writing or a teacher teaching. True, one can learn and unlearn something such as learning to love your job or so but in the end, if your personality does not fit the work itself, you need to exert extra effort to accomplish a task which may take its toll on your physical, mental, or even emotional health. Worse, productivity is lessened because you are simply not into it.


Diversity is good because what one lacks can be filled up by another like a director who is behind the scenes and an actor who hits the spotlight for a movie outfit. Personality test can accomplish the task of determining which personality types work well with another.


This still points to personality and its effect on a person’s job input or output. A perfect example will be mass communication related work such a newscaster per se who needs to be very conversational rather than intuitive. The latter can be more effective in a related field though, journalism in print.

All these and more can be attributed to employee personality test, such as the big 5 personality test, and its function as a means to ensure a company’s survival through employees who are compatible to their job designation despite being diversified in skills, and thus keeping effectiveness present.