Let’s say that you are looking for a custom welding job. Maybe you have a specific metal design in mind, or maybe you are working with sheet metal design and need an expert to help give you advice. There are so many great reasons to utilize a metal fabrication company, and there is only one Perth, WA welding and metal fabrication group that knows how to do this best; turn to Arktek Industries for all your metal working needs. With other companies on the table how do you know that selecting Arktek is the best option for your project.

There are a lot of great reasons to hire on Arktek, but the thing that sets them apart most is their commitment to excellence in the products that they make. They focus on designing the highest quality metal goods to individual clients in addition to business clients who demand nothing less than the highest quality and finest metal work that is available.

Not only do they have the staff on hand to complete your custom welding job, but these staff also have the expertise and devotion to their trade that you really look for in a welding company. Arktek only employs the finest metal designers, shop hands, fabricators, welders, laborers, and staff managers so that your finished product is as stunning and unique as you hoped it would be. In fact, even if you can only manage a little sketch of what you are looking for, the staff at Arktek Industries are more than capable of translating your goals into a masterpiece.

In addition to these kinds of custom welding jobs, Arktek Industries works on more complex and intricate projects as well. They are able to do so through a modeling software known as Solidworks 3D modeling. With this kind of work, the expert welders often utilize a CNC laser or even a waterjet to achieve the best design in combination with the tightest tolerances. With these projects, the next steps often involve galvanizing the metal, painting it, power coating it, and adding any other kind of custom finish that the customer might want. It is clear that if you have a job, you can trust this welding company with your project start to finish.

In addition to this kind of expertise, Arktek Industries has the talent to create projects of literally any caliber. Whether you are looking for a minimalist look or if you prefer a custom solution to the metal working needs, Arktek is more than capable of creating a product that fits your needs to a tee! At the end of the day, it is really the motivation and dedication of a company’s ownership that allows you to see the difference in the end products you receive. You can trust the owners of Arktek Industries to always have an eye on the designs that they are creating and the work that their company is completing.