If you don’t know, bed bugs are not only found at the beds. You can also stumble upon them at any upholstered furniture and at small cracks on the walls, floors and ceilings. If you are a constant traveler, you could find them in your clothing and luggage. They may look like small harmless insects to you, but why should you bother about them?

Bed Bugs: Pest like Any Other

If you hate any pests at your home or in any establishments like hotels, apartments or restaurants for instance, then a beg bug is no different. They are pests too, they are bad to look at and they give you nothing but discomfort and a few itchy ugly skin rashes which could lead to allergies or infections. What if they bite your children?

How Do They Get In To Your Home?

You might think how they could find your way into your home. You would not believe this, but many people can bring bed bugs along with them unknowingly. These pests travel with humans extensively and stow away in clothing and luggage. Someone in your home or perhaps a visitor could have brought them from another place or maybe the bed bugs at a hotel could be from yours. Scary, isn’t it?

If you are a constant traveler who often sleeps in different lodgings, you could be bringing bed bugs with you. They do not make good travel companions, and travelling with them is not an enjoyable way to go places. Before you check into a hotel or motel room, make sure the room, especially the bed, is bug-free and before you check out, make sure you are not bringing any of them on you or on your luggage.

Bed Bug Attack

Bed bugs do not even make great sleep companions. When you go to sleep, they could be feasting on you. As you must know, they can bite you a hundred times without waking you up because they inject a certain chemical anaesthesia on their bite areas. So hours before you wake up, they could be relishing a full blood meal (unless you squish on them).

The bites of bed bugs can cause rashes on your skin, which you need to treat with a topical cream or oral antihistamine. The rashes can trigger an itchy allergy or worse, drive you to develop paranoia about bed bugs. If the allergy persists and the relief cream does not work, you should see a dermatologist.

Seek Professional Bed Bug Pest Control Service

Most often, bed bugs are hard to eliminate because homeowners or establishment managers do not know where to start or how to eliminate them. Best we can do is to contact a professional exterminator for bed bugs. A professional treatment and removal service by a fully trained and licensed expert is our way out of infestation.