The number of people in need of an apostille of their diplomas, transcripts and various certificates increases every day. Some need an apostille to continue their education abroad, some to apply for work overseas and others for immigration and various other purposes.

However, little information is available on how to get apostille diploma and apostille transcript. One of the reasons for lack of such information is that there are a number of different factors which are involved in the process. In the United States there are several options which are available when it comes to getting an apostille for educational documents (i.e diplomas, transcripts and certificates).

First of all, the target country may require the original to be apostilled or they may accept photocopies. Furthermore, some countries may require one or the other depending on the purpose for which the document shall be presented.

Many Middle Eastern countries will only accept attested original diplomas and transcripts. Also, your local state requirements may dictate the procedure. For instance, some U.S States require that only original diplomas and transcripts be submitted for apostille.

What is the best way to proceed?

For example, if you need an apostille in Houston, Texas, you should start by contacting the local authorities to whom the document will be presented in the foreign country to determine if they prefer the original documents to be presented or photocopies are just as fine. If the aforesaid authorities do not have a set requirement then it is time to contact you state government to verify their requirements on getting diplomas and transcripts apostilled. Or you can hire the apostille Houston service to get your documents apostilled.

At this point you should know if you have to apostille the original document or you may use the photocopy. The difference is that getting a copy of the diploma or transcript apostille is a much faster procedure.