A security guard agency is a business that hires, trains and deploys security personnel to a wide range of contracted jobs. The overriding aim is to prevent crime and deter criminals by placing a strong security presence onsite or alongside an individual. They will begin by carrying out an assessment of the job and location and suggest the optimum methods of protection. This will then be managed and the right security staff will be employed.

All reputable security guard agencies will be registered members of the security industry regulating bodies and be fully licensed.

What are the background of security guards hired by private agencies ?

Reputable security guard agencies will be able to verify the background of all of their personnel and guarantee a high level of training, discipline and expertise. The majority of guards employed will have extensive background in law enforcement, the armed forces or martial arts and are, therefore, well qualified to carry out security work.

What will you get for hiring security guard agency services ?

Large security guard agencies provide a very long list of available services and will work closely with you to create a bespoke security package. The types of services on offer are increasing all the time, so for instance, with the recent rise in online crime and cyber theft, security agencies are now offering packages that can help to protect you or your business online. Overall, the options available fall into some distinct categories:

  • Visible guard security. This is the most common service; including onsite guards, mobile patrols, retail guards, doormen, car park security, and transport protection.
  • Plain clothed and undercover security guards such as private bodyguards.
  • Events management and crowd control.
  • Training, risk assessments and site security analysis.
  • Security guard agencies can be called in to deal with corporate and workplace issues such as harassment cases, background employee checks, disciplinary procedures and staff disputes.
  • Catching offenders and gathering evidence to pass on to the police.

What are the costs involved ?

The costs of security guards for hire will vary greatly depending on the level of security you choose, the length of contract and the risk factors of the job. It is always advisable to obtain a free and no obligation quote for the services you require. The licensing of private security is, however, very tightly controlled, and this ensures prices are fair. In terms of payment, some security guard agencies will charge per hour for each member of the security team, but longer contracts can be given a fixed price. Often, expenses will be charged on top of this rate.