Pest control in Sandnes offers quality insect eradication services to protect your residence from all unwanted vermin. Their services range from identification, diagnosis and fumigation of bugs among others. The professional team consists of highly-trained, certified servicemen who can prescribe quality customized treatment solutions for a full-year pest free living.

Heat remediation

This technique is particularly used to eradicate bed bugs; it involves heating the infested rooms to temperatures of up to 1200F so that the insects together with their eggs can perish. Pest control technicians would place mechanical power-heaters on the affected areas, occasionally moving them from one corner to another so that all places are well covered.

Moreover, the strategically positioned units will continuously be monitored to ensure the room remains hot enough so that the job can be completed with ease. There would always be a representative on-site whose mandate is ensuring that this natural termite control routine is done as per the client’s expectations. After the treatment process is complete, one would be given an official documentation showing all actions that were taken towards eradication of the bugs.


Another viable way of dealing with these pests is applying pressurized hot vapor directly to the affected part. Pest control technicians would go to great lengths in treating every surface, crack or crevice that may be hiding these inconveniencing critters, while also ensuring that places such as beds and living-room furniture are not left untreated.


Pest infestations may be bad enough to warrant chemical fumigation treatment. Sandnes pest control service would send a team of trained and fully-certified fumigators to spray your house and prevent further infestation. Despite being very effective, the fumigation liquid is safe both for human-use and the environment since it’s made from eco-friendly solution.

Why choose professional pest control?

Most homeowners prefer using professional bug control techniques since they are affordable and practical, they also have long-lasting effects and one can stay for up to 1 year without witnessing any pests in the house. The insect control products are available in many forms including adhesives, liquids and powder. When seeking these services, always remember that it is a partnership between you the client and the service provider. Therefore, discuss with them factors like the cost of different packages, payment methods available and the most preferable time to visit. Some people may prefer if their residences, businesses or possessions are regularly monitored to prevent unprecedented bed-bug invasion.