La Paz Waterfall Gardens, nestled in the heart of Costa Rica, serves as an enticing destination for visitors around the globe. Breathtaking falls, captivating wildlife, tropical gardens, and genuine Costa Rican culture – this place has it all. When planning a visit, you may wonder about travel and accommodation options. Let’s explore multiple ways to make your journey comfortable, memorable, and effortless.

Getting There

Traveling to La Paz Waterfall Gardens is a journey in itself. Located approximately an hour and a half from San Jose, the country’s capital, transportation can be a fun and breathtaking excursion.

Private Transfers: Various tour operators offer private transfers, ensuring a comfortable ride in air-conditioned vehicles equipped with Wi-Fi. With the option of picking you up from the airport, hotel, or other locations, this is perhaps the most convenient method.

Public Transport: If you wish to embrace a real slice of local life, consider taking public buses. They are affordable, eco-friendly, and provide picturesque visions of Costa Rican towns.

Driving: Finally, if you fancy the freedom of exploration, renting a vehicle would be an ideal choice. Costa Rica’s improved infrastructures make self-driving a viable and flexible option. However, be forewarned about occasional rugged terrains and always carry an updated GPS system.

Where to Stay

Accommodation in proximity to La Paz Waterfall Gardens is aplenty, ranging from luxury resorts to budget-friendly hostels and guesthouses.

Peace Lodge: Starting on-site, Peace Lodge offers an immersive, luxury experience. It’s a part of the La Paz Waterfall Gardens with rooms that offer exceptional waterfall and rainforest views. Especially if you’re a bird watcher, wake up to the songs of vibrant, tropical birds!

El Silencio Lodge & Spa: About 16 miles away, this eco-luxury hotel offers private villers within a 500-acre Cloud Forest reserve. A peaceful retreat with wellness programs and outdoor activities in its itinerary.

Poas Volcano Lodge: Sitting on the edge of Poas Volcano National Park, this lodge provides rustic charm combined with modern comforts and great views of the volcano and Caribbean Coast.

Additionally, home rentals through services like Airbnb provide tourists with kitchen facilities and a home-like atmosphere. They are usually budget-friendly and give a fantastic perspective of local living.


When planning a trip to La Paz Waterfall Gardens, there are ample travel options like private transfers, public transport, or self-driving depending on your needs and preferences. For accommodation, luxury hotels, lodges, budget-friendly hotels, and homes for rent are available to suit different tastes and budgets. No matter what your choices are, the journey to this paradise promises to be an unforgettable one, enriched by its natural beauty and Costa Rica’s welcoming culture.