This will always be an on going debate, but the answer really lies within the individual on what the best handgun for concealed carry is. It really is all about personal preference and what you are comfortable with. As long as an individual is capable of handling a weapon, are aware of their local laws, have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and they are trained in proper use, they can definitely benefit from carrying a concealed weapon like a handgun.

Concealed firearms are presently considered as an ideal form of self-defense. There are numerous handguns that are permitted for concealed carry (CCW), however, many people seem unsure which handguns will be most suitable for them. Therefore, those in search of the best handgun for concealed carry can consider selecting one from the following 5 choices that we recommend. And for best gun and ammo deals online we recommend Smokin Guns, one of the best gun and ammo portals.

Some Choices for The Best Handgun for Concealed Carry

1. North American Arms NAA .22 Magnum Mini-Revolver

The purpose of carrying a concealed handgun is to ensure that it can be conveniently carried and remains out of sight. The NAA .22 Magnum Mini-Revolver perfectly fits this criteria because of its compact size and lightweight While the .22 caliber bullets that this mini revolver shoots don’t necessarily make it ideal for self-defense, it can still do some damage when used properly. This mini-revolver can be stored just about anywhere and can be easily concealed while being carried, regardless of the attire that an individual might be dressed in. Thus, this is why this mini-revolver is on our list.

2. Smith and Wesson M&P 40

Smith and Wesson M&P 40’s happen to be awesome handguns and they are also ideal for concealed carry. Those who have carried .40 revolvers and 9mm pistols, whether compact or full size, will feel far more satisfied by carrying this pistol. The grip of this pistol is one particular feature that makes it better than handguns of a similar caliber and size from other manufacturers. Shooting this gun should not be problem even for those with small hands since they can use the interchangeable back-straps with this handgun.

3.Springfield XD Compact .45

Yet another pistol that will be easy to conceal and carry since it features a small-sized frame. Some might believed that the .45 caliber bullets that this pistol shoots will not be effectively handled by this small handgun. However, this pistol performs as smooth as larger handguns that use .45 caliber bullets. Within a range of seven to ten feet, this pistol is quite accurate and is therefore ideal for self-defense use.

4. Kahr PM9

For the people who are looking for a really compact and lightweight handgun that can be easily carried and concealed, another great choice will be the Kahr PM9. Despite the fact that this is a semi-automatic, this handgun is almost as small-sized and lightweight as some of the smaller revolvers. Don’t let the size of this handgun fool you and it should not be underestimated. It can prove to be quite useful for those who want to use it for self defense.

5. Glock Model 22 Gen 4

This model of the Glock is not as small as the other handguns in this list, so it may not be the best handgun for concealed carry. However, those who prefer to use this gun will find it quite easy to carry. Even with it’s full size it still falls under the concealed carry category and offers a particularly firm grip that will allow shooters to effective defend themselves.