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Knowing that you will be able to protect yourself from a home intruder can certainly bring a lot of security and peace of mind. There are many factors involved in the first purchase of a firearm, but some definitely stand above the rest.

How easily will it handle in a tense situation?

Although it may be a scary thought to imagine what you would do in a home intrusion situation, it is extremely important to have a well thought out game plan ahead of time. First and foremost, while selecting your home defense gun, it is important to test the firearm out at a firing range. You need to make sure you feel comfortable with the gun grip, weight, recoil, reloading process, etc.

Females for example are much more comfortable with a handgun for home defense rather than a shotgun. The recoil of a handgun is significantly less than the recoil of a 12-guage shotgun. Another thing to consider is how easily does the gun reload? It is important to consider that multiple magazines or reloads may be required if a shootout occurs.

What is your budget?

Most people can find the best gun for home defense that will still fit within their budget. For that reason it is best to buy gun online, as you will find a much bigger choice on the websites than in the store. It is important to remember that a more expensive gun does not always guarantee better performance. However, there are certainly brands of firearms that have built a name for themselves over the years as the top performing home defense guns. Smith & Wesson, Glock, and Ruger are some of the best known names in guns for a reason.

How will you store your gun?

Unless you are single and never have young kids present in your home, it is vital to make sure your gun is properly stored. The risk of a child misfiring a gun is just as severe as a home intruder breaking into your home. It is highly recommended that you buy a gun safe to store your gun for home defense.

Can I hit the intended target?

The best way to ensure you will be ready to use your gun for home defense is to practice often at a firing range. However, there are certain types of guns that typically are easier to hit intended targets than others. A shotgun is the best option for those who are unsure about the accuracy of their aim. Shotguns are able to spray pellets at an intended target, leaving a better chance of striking a target than a single bullet from a handgun. There is a reason why shotguns are used to hunt ducks, pheasants, and other small moving objects. As for your worst option, hunting rifles are typically large, hard to maneuver, and difficult to aim at close, moving targets. Overall, it is important to select the best gun for home defense that you feel comfortable with.