More than 135 countries are currently members of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), a cooperation treaty that provides for the recognition of patent rights in the member countries. The World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO manages the implementation of the treaty.

Applications that go through the PCT route are often – wrongly – referred to as a world patent . There is no such thing as a world patent as described on

However, following the PCT route enables the applicant to simultaneously file a patent application in more PCT contracting states. It is also important that a PCT patent application in itself does not lead to a patent grant, but is in fact only an administrative procedure for determining the patentability of an invention.

WIPO usually outsources the required international novelty searches to the European Patent Office EPO or the United States Patent Organization USPTO .

The result of a PCT application leads to an international novelty search with publication and assessment of the application. With these results, a patent applicant in the PCT member countries can apply for a patent that virtually eliminates the possibility that the national patent offices will ignore or reject the PCT review as you can read from

PCT reports are valid in the national proceedings of the member countries and also in the proceedings of the countries of the European Patent Convention.