If you suspect mold, it’s important to get a professional to test the air quality in your home.

In most cases, homeowners can perform a DIY test if they suspect a leak or problem with the HVAC system. However, if you’re not confident in your ability to perform DIY testing and have concerns about your health or the health of others in your household, hire a professional who is trained and certified to perform mold testing.

The EPA recommends that you hire a certified indoor air quality inspector if:

  • You have health concerns about mold exposure.
  • You want to sell your home and want to know whether it has high levels of mold growth.
  • Your house has recently been flooded or has had extensive water damage from other sources such as plumbing leaks or roof leaks.
  • You’ve had recent remodeling done on your house (especially if there was extensive water damage).
  • You rent or lease your home, but the landlord or property manager won’t do any mold testing.
  • You want a second opinion on whether mold is present in your home.

Consult With Mold Inspector Charleston SC

If you want to get a professional opinion on whether you have mold problems in your home, contact a certified mold inspector Charleston SC, such as The Mold Girl. They can provide you with a thorough inspection, and they’ll let you know whether or not there are signs of mold growth in your home. They can also perform testing for airborne contaminants if you’re concerned about the safety of your family members.

They will also be able to provide you with a written report, which can help you take the next steps in dealing with your mold problem. The Mold Girl is a certified mold inspector in Charleston, SC. They are here to help you if you suspect that you have a mold problem in your home. They can provide you with an inspection and testing for airborne contaminants as well as remediation services if needed.