If you have the nvq level 3 teaching assistant certification, your qualifications are recognized nationally. You can work in your field of expertise and improve your competencies. With the correct certification, you can begin the job that you want and thus, get the salary you deserve. NVQ or the national vocational qualification standardizes the skills and knowledge of teaching assistants. It helps them to achieve a higher recognition in the society.

How to get the NVQ award?

The national vocational qualifications allow you to get the employment that is relevant to your background. Before you can get the nvg level 3 teaching assistant, you have to study towards its attainment. Usually it will take one to two years before you can move to it from level 1 award. You should also be in employment either as part time or in short term placement or as part of an apprenticeship program. The study course helps you to achieve the confidence you need before your actual assessment for your qualifications. Because it is a vocational qualification, you do not have a time limit to move from lower levels to nvq level 3 teaching assistant. During the assessment, the assessor will observe you in your workplace or will ask you to simulate your work environment. He/She will then ask you questions related to your line of work. From the demonstration of skill and your answers to the questions, you will be awarded with the nvq level 3 teaching assistant.

What do you mean by level 3 teaching assistant?

The National Vocational Qualification comes in different levels. Level 1 is considered as the entry level position. You have to demonstrate the basic skills required as a teaching assistant to qualify. As you move to higher levels, you are expected to show variety of skills needed in different settings. Nvq level 3 teaching assistant is considered to be a of higher standards. The assessor looks at your ability to work independently and with at least some supervisory functions. The more you improve; you can request for the levels 4 and 5 that are designed for senior teaching assistants. Here, you must be able to be accountable for the works of your subordinates. You should also show an excellent self-determination and the ability to systematically organize your work and responsibilities. The nvq level 3 teaching assistant course is Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools and is systematic that will help you gear towards the achievement of the next level as part of your career path development.

What are your other options while working as a teaching assistant?

Okay, so have stayed in this position for some time and you want to level up. Your vast experience in handling student activities and promoting a positive learning environment make you highly qualified to move further. At this point, you can apply for the next level certification. It usually takes 6 months as full time and 1 to 2 years as part time to get the award. You can also explore in other careers as youth workers, child care workers, learning mentors and school teacher. All these things will depend on how fast you want to move from your nvq level 3 teaching assistant status.