If the patent search comes back with positive results, you can proceed to your own patent application. Much like the pre-application search, certain types of information will be necessary to present an application to the USPTO that’s as strong as possible. Examples of these types of information include:

  • A description of the electronic product’s components
  • A statement describing the component or components that would be considered unique
  • A statement regarding the general utility of the invention
  • A comparative statement describing the differences between your invention and the current products
  • A statement regarding the benefits that your invention would provide compared to the currently available products
  • A complete specifications statement that describes the parts, components and even processes that all comprise your overall invention

Obviously, additional information could be needed depending on the overall nature of your invention, but the basic theme is that you need to be ready to describe your invention in detail, explain how it’s different from other products already in existence and provide a statement regarding how your invention will provide advantages to those who would use it. You can find more information about patenting process from this article – how to file a patent with InventHelp.

Product and process innovations are constantly evolving, but almost any mainstay electronic product has, can and easily could generate billions of dollars in sales after it hits the market with the proper protection. Therefore, you need to take the steps necessary to protect your idea and to give you the time and peace of mind necessary to properly decide how to bring your product to market.

This decision could involve marketing the product yourself or with your company or selling the licensing rights to your product to another entity who may be able to bring your product to the public in a shorter amount of time and on a larger scale than you could at the moment. All of these are reason to provide yourself with the controlling interest in your invention.

If you have come up with an electronic product that you think could be lucrative or provide a benefit to the public at large, you need to ensure that you’re taking the proper steps to protect your innovation.

Electronic products are constantly hitting the market, and those products need to be searched for previous patents by looking for similar descriptions of components of the product and the function it would perform. You’ll also need to describe the product in terms of why it’s unique as you put forth your patent application, and in order to properly proceed, you need to contact the InventHelp patent attorney to schedule an initial consultation.