Welding and Custom Design, There’s Only One Place to Go

Let’s say that you are looking for a custom welding job. Maybe you have a specific metal design in mind, or maybe you are working with sheet metal design and need an expert to help give you advice. There are so many great reasons to utilize a metal fabrication company, and there is only one Perth, WA welding and metal fabrication group that knows how to do this best; turn to Arktek Industries for all your metal working needs. With other companies on the table how do you know that selecting Arktek is the best option for your project.

There are a lot of great reasons to hire on Arktek, but the thing that sets them apart most is their commitment to excellence in the products that they make. They focus on designing the highest quality metal goods to individual clients in addition to business clients who demand nothing less than the highest quality and finest metal work that is available.

Not only do they have the staff on hand to complete your custom welding job, but these staff also have the expertise and devotion to their trade that you really look for in a welding company. Arktek only employs the finest metal designers, shop hands, fabricators, welders, laborers, and staff managers so that your finished product is as stunning and unique as you hoped it would be. In fact, even if you can only manage a little sketch of what you are looking for, the staff at Arktek Industries are more than capable of translating your goals into a masterpiece.

In addition to these kinds of custom welding jobs, Arktek Industries works on more complex and intricate projects as well. They are able to do so through a modeling software known as Solidworks 3D modeling. With this kind of work, the expert welders often utilize a CNC laser or even a waterjet to achieve the best design in combination with the tightest tolerances. With these projects, the next steps often involve galvanizing the metal, painting it, power coating it, and adding any other kind of custom finish that the customer might want. It is clear that if you have a job, you can trust this welding company with your project start to finish.

In addition to this kind of expertise, Arktek Industries has the talent to create projects of literally any caliber. Whether you are looking for a minimalist look or if you prefer a custom solution to the metal working needs, Arktek is more than capable of creating a product that fits your needs to a tee! At the end of the day, it is really the motivation and dedication of a company’s ownership that allows you to see the difference in the end products you receive. You can trust the owners of Arktek Industries to always have an eye on the designs that they are creating and the work that their company is completing.


Purchasing a firearm

Knowing that you will be able to protect yourself from a home intruder can certainly bring a lot of security and peace of mind. There are many factors involved in the first purchase of a firearm, but some definitely stand above the rest.

How easily will it handle in a tense situation?

Although it may be a scary thought to imagine what you would do in a home intrusion situation, it is extremely important to have a well thought out game plan ahead of time. First and foremost, while selecting your home defense gun, it is important to test the firearm out at a firing range. You need to make sure you feel comfortable with the gun grip, weight, recoil, reloading process, etc.

Females for example are much more comfortable with a handgun for home defense rather than a shotgun. The recoil of a handgun is significantly less than the recoil of a 12-guage shotgun. Another thing to consider is how easily does the gun reload? It is important to consider that multiple magazines or reloads may be required if a shootout occurs.

What is your budget?

Most people can find the best gun for home defense that will still fit within their budget. For that reason it is best to buy gun online, as you will find a much bigger choice on the websites than in the store. It is important to remember that a more expensive gun does not always guarantee better performance. However, there are certainly brands of firearms that have built a name for themselves over the years as the top performing home defense guns. Smith & Wesson, Glock, and Ruger are some of the best known names in guns for a reason.

How will you store your gun?

Unless you are single and never have young kids present in your home, it is vital to make sure your gun is properly stored. The risk of a child misfiring a gun is just as severe as a home intruder breaking into your home. It is highly recommended that you buy a gun safe to store your gun for home defense.

Can I hit the intended target?

The best way to ensure you will be ready to use your gun for home defense is to practice often at a firing range. However, there are certain types of guns that typically are easier to hit intended targets than others. A shotgun is the best option for those who are unsure about the accuracy of their aim. Shotguns are able to spray pellets at an intended target, leaving a better chance of striking a target than a single bullet from a handgun. There is a reason why shotguns are used to hunt ducks, pheasants, and other small moving objects. As for your worst option, hunting rifles are typically large, hard to maneuver, and difficult to aim at close, moving targets. Overall, it is important to select the best gun for home defense that you feel comfortable with.


What are security guard agencies?

A security guard agency is a business that hires, trains and deploys security personnel to a wide range of contracted jobs. The overriding aim is to prevent crime and deter criminals by placing a strong security presence onsite or alongside an individual. They will begin by carrying out an assessment of the job and location and suggest the optimum methods of protection. This will then be managed and the right security staff will be employed.

All reputable security guard agencies will be registered members of the security industry regulating bodies and be fully licensed.

What are the background of security guards hired by private agencies ?

Reputable security guard agencies will be able to verify the background of all of their personnel and guarantee a high level of training, discipline and expertise. The majority of guards employed will have extensive background in law enforcement, the armed forces or martial arts and are, therefore, well qualified to carry out security work.

What will you get for hiring security guard agency services ?

Large security guard agencies provide a very long list of available services and will work closely with you to create a bespoke security package. The types of services on offer are increasing all the time, so for instance, with the recent rise in online crime and cyber theft, security agencies are now offering packages that can help to protect you or your business online. Overall, the options available fall into some distinct categories:

  • Visible guard security. This is the most common service; including onsite guards, mobile patrols, retail guards, doormen, car park security, and transport protection.
  • Plain clothed and undercover security guards such as private bodyguards.
  • Events management and crowd control.
  • Training, risk assessments and site security analysis.
  • Security guard agencies can be called in to deal with corporate and workplace issues such as harassment cases, background employee checks, disciplinary procedures and staff disputes.
  • Catching offenders and gathering evidence to pass on to the police.

What are the costs involved ?

The costs of security guards for hire will vary greatly depending on the level of security you choose, the length of contract and the risk factors of the job. It is always advisable to obtain a free and no obligation quote for the services you require. The licensing of private security is, however, very tightly controlled, and this ensures prices are fair. In terms of payment, some security guard agencies will charge per hour for each member of the security team, but longer contracts can be given a fixed price. Often, expenses will be charged on top of this rate.


Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

More than 135 countries are currently members of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), a cooperation treaty that provides for the recognition of patent rights in the member countries. The World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO manages the implementation of the treaty.

Applications that go through the PCT route are often – wrongly – referred to as a world patent . There is no such thing as a world patent as described on

However, following the PCT route enables the applicant to simultaneously file a patent application in more PCT contracting states. It is also important that a PCT patent application in itself does not lead to a patent grant, but is in fact only an administrative procedure for determining the patentability of an invention.

WIPO usually outsources the required international novelty searches to the European Patent Office EPO or the United States Patent Organization USPTO .

The result of a PCT application leads to an international novelty search with publication and assessment of the application. With these results, a patent applicant in the PCT member countries can apply for a patent that virtually eliminates the possibility that the national patent offices will ignore or reject the PCT review as you can read from

PCT reports are valid in the national proceedings of the member countries and also in the proceedings of the countries of the European Patent Convention.


When is it time to talk with a patent agent or attorney?

A patent agent or attorney can help at almost any stage of the invention process, even before any inventing actually takes place. For example, patent agencies, such as InventHelp can help inventors and companies to create processes for documenting inventions and inventive efforts. They can also help to create organizational policies relating to inventions and patents. Patent attorneys may also offer advice on other matters, like dealing with patent and other intellectual property rights in employment contracts.

That said, most inventors and companies seek out the advice of a patent agent or attorney only after they have an invention that they believe to be ready for patenting. When is an invention ready for patenting? Let me start by answering a simpler question: what is the difference between an idea and an invention?

An idea is an inchoate invention, the first step of the inventive process: wouldn’t a flying car be great? Wouldn’t it be great if sneaker soles didn’t wear so quickly? Wouldn’t it be great if we had lightbulbs that used less energy? An invention, on the other hand, is the fully conceived solution to a problem: a car anti-gravity unit, a high-endurance rubber for sneaker soles, or a new LED lightbulb. If you can describe the solution to a problem, and that solution would actually work if you were to build it, then you have an invention.

That is actually the legal standard: an invention is ready for patenting if you can describe it in such complete detail that one of “ordinary skill in the art” could build it from the description that you provide, and it will work once built. Importantly, the law does not require an inventor to build a prototype. However, I recommend building a prototype whenever practicable, because that process can often lead to greater understanding, more innovation, and more success.

In many cases, an inventor may have one fully conceived variation of an invention ready for patenting, but may not be satisfied that all the details are perfect or suitable for commercial release. In that case, the patent law provides certain solutions, like provisional applications, which give the inventor a way of establishing a formal filing date, but are not examined for patentability and stay pending for one year, giving the inventor that year to perfect the invention before filing a regular patent application that is examined.

Since the U.S. and much of the world award a patent to the first inventor to file a patent application for the invention, it is important to file as complete a patent application as possible as early as possible. However, that must be balanced against the danger of undue haste: if a patent application describes an invention that won’t work, or was prepared so early that it does not describe a critical commercial version of the invention, it may be of little use. A patent agency like InventHelp or attorney can help to balance these considerations and decide when it’s time to file a patent application.


Protecting Your Unique Idea

So, you’ve come up with an idea which might be the next best thing since sliced bread. What do you do now? This is a question which people are frequently faced with – and whilst some of these are obviously businesses who make their money from inventing and developing new ideas, there are also lots of people who work away on their day job and then suddenly have a flash of inspiration. They are the ones for whom the burning question then is ‘What next?’

The first thing people think of when faced with the word ‘invention’ is ‘patent’, but for many ideas, patents are not going to be an available means of protection. Obviously, this is something you will need to check out with a patent attorney or patent agency like InventHelp, but even if the finished item will be patentable, the initial idea will have to undergo a degree of development and testing before the patent application can be filed. It is in this ‘limbo’ where the problems,  and the worry – often occur. Read reviews on InventHelp.

Firstly, let us be quite clear: You cannot obtain a patent once your idea has entered the public domain. This means that if you tell anyone else about it without placing them under a binding obligation to keep the information confidential first, your right to a patent will be lost. In the circumstances, if there is even the vaguest possibility that the idea might be patentable, secrecy at these early stages is crucial.

What it it’s not patentable? Well, in that case, the more people who know about it, the more chance there is that someone with more money and contacts than you will develop it and bring it to the market first. So, you need to keep your idea ‘under wraps’ until you have it sufficiently well-developed for you to bring it to market, or for it to be an attractive proposition to an organization which has the resources to develop and commercialize it in partnership with you.

In each case – patentable or not – there are essentially two things that you need to protect: the idea itself, and the detail, such as the method of manufacture and getting professional help from InventHelp would be helpful. The only way to protect your idea is to tell only those people who need to know, and to do so only under the protection of a legally binding contract which prevents your information from being disclosed to others – or used – without your consent.


Dog Naming Tips

Choosing a dog name is not and easy thing to do and at the same time, what is very important, quite a serious task. Remember that your dog’s name will play an important role both in your pet’s life and in yours. It’s nice that you want to find out more about the process of naming your dog because it’s necessary that you know the thing you should do and which mistakes to avoid.

The following dog naming tips will be useful for anyone who is searching for a dog name.

The name should be simple (one or two syllable) and easy for your dog to recognize.

In case you want to give your dog a long name, do use its shortened version.

Use “hard” consonants and vowels.

The name shouldn’t sound like any commands.

Make sure that it’s easy to call out the name you’ve chosen and it’s pleasant for you to call it out. Remember that you’ll have to call out this name in public places.

If you have in your mind some dog names write them down.

Choose a name for your dog taking into consideration its breed and origin, gender, size.

If you have already chosen the dog name you like, don’t hurry and try it for several days. Study you dog’s behavior; probably it will help you to pick up another name, which will be more suitable.

Don’t be afraid to try several names. Look closely at your dog in order to take a right decision. If your dog is extremely active and likes to dominate you should better give it a short and even jerky dog name. You could for example use some interesting car names for dogs. In case your pet is fidgety it needs soft and gentle dog name. It will help you to control your dog and avoid misunderstandings.

Don’t give your dog a name with negative or aggressive meaning, dogs fill everything better than you can imagine. If you don’t want to have problems with your dog think about the name you choose beforehand.

Don’t choose a dog name which will sound like the names of the members of your family. It is also recommended not to name your dog with very popular dog name.

If you have already a grown-up dog or you have adopted a dog, than you should better leave the name it already owns or change it just a little bit.


Guinea Pig Names Guide

Choosing a guinea pig name is a captivating and at the same time quite serious thing to do. Before you choose a name remember that it will play an important role in your guinea pig’s life as well as in yours. No matter whether you are looking for a boy guinea pig name or a girl guinea pig name you should read the article about naming tips which will help you to avoid some mistakes people usually do when they choose guinea pig names.

There is a great number of guinea pig names. After you read endless lists of guinea pigs names you will probably fill that you are at your wit’s end. Don’t worry! First decide for yourself what features of your guinea pig you want to stress and what you want the name you will choose to reflect.

Guinea Pig names are divided into several categories. For example descriptive guinea pig name category, which includes physical appearance of your guinea pig (coat color, size and individual attributes), its gender, personality (individual features which are peculiar to this or that guinea pig).

There are also such guinea pigs name categories as popular names, cool names, unique guinea pig names and more.

It’s popular nowadays among guinea pigs’ owners to give their pets popular names. But do remember that these names are popular during a certain period of time. Their popularity changes rather quickly.

Unique guinea pig names are usually invented by their owners. You can easily combine several words or guinea pig names you like, surnames of the members of your family, your favorite things or even food and so on.

Remember that your aim is to choose a name, which will fit your guinea pig and reflect the characteristic features of your pet. Do consider all pros and cons choosing one name out of great number of different guinea pigs names ideas.

Do involve your children in the process of choosing a guinea pig name for your pet.

This fact can be a bit surprising but more than 50% of the names people give to their pets are their own names or nicknames. Another twenty per cent of names characterize pets’ appearance and character.


Preparation for Filing a Patent Application

You are an inventor, working hard on your projects and you may not know whether your projects will ultimately transform into a useful new invention.

Inventors’ MUST DO! List

Do file a US patent application within one year from the date you’ve published your invention anywhere in the world, or your invention was on sale in the US. This date is called the “drop dead date”. After this date you can not obtain a US patent ever. There are patenting agencies like InventHelp that could help you with this.

Do keep an Inventor’s Notebook. The US grants a patent to the first to invent. Therefore, it is very important to keep an Inventor’s Notebook, that documents the date you thought of the invention, and the process and dates of reduction of invention. Thus, DO keep a notebook of everything you think of! It can not hurt, but it certainly will help in case of an interference.

Do not work on your project at your job. Most engineers and scientists sign an employment agreement including an assignment of the rights to any project they worked on at work. Therefore, under an agreement such as this, your work must be fully independent and done on your own time, using your own equipment, and under your own “roof”.

Locating a Patent Agent or Attorney

First, locating a patent attorney. Only those listed on the official roster of current US patent attorneys and agents can prepare a patent application for another. Please see the USPTO Roster of Patent Agents and Attorneys Registered to Practice before the PTO, or search for Registered Agencies, such as Invent Help, and Attorneys in your geographical region.

Preparing an Invention Disclosure

Next, prepare for consulting with the agent/attorney by preparing a detailed disclosure of your invention. This disclosure should include what you know to be the history of the field of your invention, and a detailed description of the invention itself.

History of Your Invention

To think about the history, think of why you designed your invention. What need have you addressed? Why is your invention better than, or an improvement of, the currently available or well known method? Describe the technological history of your invention and the improvements you’ve made on the current models. The reason why this is important is because your patent attorney/ agent, although a scientist or engineer herself, may not be 100% current on your field of invention. This history gets them up to date quickly, which in the end will save on the cost of preparing your patent application.


Termite Inspection Control

If you are like many other home owners you’re probably asking yourself whether you should get a termite inspection or not. You may suspect termite infestation in your home, but you are not sure. So should you consider having your home inspected for termites and other wood-destroying insects, e.g. carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and powderpost beetles?

Needless to say, termites aren’t the type of guests you want in your Australia home. They’re abundant in number. It is said that upwards of two million termites can inhabit one colony and that one home can have up to four colonies under or around it. This statistic is even more startling when you consider that termite colonies never stop eating. Thus, once situated within your home, termites will consume wood, carpet, cloth and other materials around the clock.

It’s estimated that termites cause damage of many million dollars per year. Their appetite and well-adapted survivability make them a serious threat to any structure in Australia. But, the good news is that termites often leave behind a trace. They will often leave behind “termite trails”, and a qualified termite inspector can find. In some cases, termite inspectors have detected a colony’s feeding location and uncovered an area with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of termites feeding.

Many termite companies in Australia, such as Radar Pest Control offer a free termite inspection. However, it is important to note that a termite inspection will not eradicate any termite infestation. A termite inspector will only determine whether there are termites, and tell you whether you need termite treatment. The termite inspector will be conducting a “wood-destroying insect infestation” inspection, which is commonly known as a termite inspection in the industry. The upside to this is that the inspector will not only be looking for termite damage, but also for carpenter ants, carpenter bees, or powder post beetle damage or presence.